Neo-Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Obamism, the Next Great Political Movement

This is my first Blog on WordPress, I just finished a 2 year assignment as a political analyst and strategist. Get ready to change and learn about something new.

The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

We are now entering a brave new era of personal challenges and resentful powerful people who don’t like what is going on, but others do and about to prosper from the coming age. Whether we like it or not global socialism of some kind is about to take the floor, our success as human beings depends on how we conduct ourselves and who we allow to influence our opinions. I have a number of articles I will be writing in the coming months; but for now, here is my initial commentary as a blogger:

Neo-Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Green-Socialism, and Democratic Socialism have Arrived !!!

When President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, proposed democratic socialism, a form of neobolivarianism he started his agenda of ‘Socialism of the 21st Century’ he hit the nail right on the head, but unfortunately he is operating as would a dictator trying to control it rather than letting the people express their own will. In any case its time has come, I have been working here in Venezuela since 2001 observing the changes in political systems worldwide. Since 2001, Spain, France, Ecuador, Bolivia, and several other governments have adopted or re-adopted socialist or semi-socialist agendas. The biggest differences are as to how left or radical those agendas are and whether they fall under the guise of a dictatorship, fascist regime, or a people’s democracy.

No one will force socialism of whatever brand on you directly, it will be a natural occurrence of population growth, it will grow out of the need for global cooperation, the need for economic stability, and the need for temperance of climate change. If you don’t like it you’ll have to move to the moon. Barack Obama will soon be inaugurated as the new United States President. If you stare deeper you may even see that George W. Bush is poised to further take advantage of the Barack presidency, as you may have noticed Bush endorsed but never campaigned for McCain.

It starts with nationalization of banks, major industry, power companies, etcetera. Have you ever realized that the police, fire departments, highway system, USDA, and social security are all socialist in thought, theory and practice. Wake up !!! It’s here. It’s not as bad as you thought, it all started with the Freemasons, Simon Bolivar, Ben Franklin, George Washington, the US Constitution, the city of Philadelphia, the United States and freedom. Yeah that’s right the United States was founded as a socialist anarchist state to defeat the oppression of England. Becoming imperialist capitalist oppressors of others is just a casualty of success, the USA is still the number 1 social democracy in the world.

We will see in the next couple years a whole new form of government emerge as states become more self-reliant and more social among their peers, including the United States. The fuse has already been lit, capitalism will begin to quickly deteriorate and socialism ‘neo-socialism’ or some form of it will soon rise and become the dominant form of government on a global level. I see it more as ecosocialism and consider myself an eco-socialist now. Watch as the corporations that have been the backbone of the United States begin to disintegrate or become nationalized. The GM logo will change GN.

I served in the US Navy, I have been a pastor, was an entrepreneur, and I’m a treehugger. I consider my becoming an ecosocialist a secular progression of my very evolution and maturation. Becoming a socialist comes from a need to serve humanity and give back some of what I have taken and surprisingly (contrary to everything I learned as a capitalist) more wealth flows naturally over to me each day. Here I am in Venezuela involved in agroforestry projects and helping others establish agricultural cooperatives, I feel great and I’m doing well. There is no problem at all with any of it, and my efforts are making the world a better place.

The big impediment to a new socialism here in Venezuela is that people don’t want to share or be affiliated with others in any way to accomplish the bigger goal of stabilizing society and enjoying life. The United States has been very successful over the past 100 years in destroying the extended family and creating the nuclear family.

Most serious ‘chavistas’ are as equally greedy as their capitalist counterparts and unrelenting in their thought that they want to be in control of their income and want more and better than their neighbor. They have all been brainwashed with the dream of the ‘American Way’ has certainly created a mentality that has permeated and impacted Latin America and the world in very positive and negative ways.

What is so wrong with harmony, brotherly love, agrarian justice, land sharing, and utopia? Sure it’s a vision, perhaps unattainable, but those of us who are responsible for the failure of the goodness that is the goal of the social agenda are the same people who are responsible for committing one or more of the seven cardinal sins on a daily basis. Didn’t your mother tell you to share?

What happened to the teachings of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Paine? Do you really know them, did you know they were socialists? Doesn’t the Constitution say “All men are created equal?” Wasn’t it signed in Philadelphia, ‘the city of brotherly love?’ All socialist principals, the problem began between Washington and Abraham Lincoln, man’s desire and greed, and subsequent industrialization. Think about it.

-short commentary post by the Problemsmith, Col. David J. Wright, US Expat living in Caracas

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